hidradenitis suppurativa

What is HS (All you need to know about hidradenitis suppurativa)

What is HS (hidradenitis suppurativa)

I’ve met Dr. Biscoe to take some advice on hidradenitis Suppurativa. During the talk  about the top supplements which she recommended some supplements to somehow recover it.

She said that it’s very bothersome skin condition that causes painful boils and bumps in the armpits or the groin area and a lot of people suffer with that. I‘ve seen it quite a bit in my clinical practice. She said that most of people don’t know exactly about what is HS or what are the ways to get over it.

Her first Recommendation was:


  • Resveratrol

Resveratrol is an antioxidant that helps hidradenitis Suppurativa by reducing an enzyme called matrix metallopeptidase 2 or MMP2.  That enzyme is responsible for breaking down skin tissue and it really plays an essential role in the pathological condition of hidradenitis. So if you can take something to help block that enzyme that is damaging the skin tissue, it can be really helpful. Ginger is another botanical or supplements you can use it as a food even. That block the same enzyme. So, resveratrol and ginger were her first recommendations.

  • Fish Oil

Fish oil should be the part of any basic inflammatory wellness program. Because those essential fats, those Omega 3 fats really helps to shift the immune system out of a pro inflammatory state back into a balanced. (with less inflammation)

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a very important role in regulating carotene production in a hair follicle and for hidradenitis Suppurativa and that is particularly important. Because, one of problems in that condition is that there is an overgrowth of carotene. so ,the carotene builds up in the hair follicle and creates that initial reaction in the skin that ultimately leads to those painful boils. The vitamin A is a great choice. However, that not everyone should be the supplementing with vitamin A. if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you want to work with your health care practitioner. Because, high doses of vitamin A can actually harm the fetus.

  • Vitamin D3

It serves a couple of purposes for hidradenitis Suppurativa. The first purpose is that it has a very profound in regulating the immune system. Whenever you can do that. you are going to reduce inflammation, have a balanced response of the immune system. So, that things are not going so haywire and there is not all of this dysregulation going on.

Further Details

The other important role that vitamin D plays the particularly for hidradenitis Suppurativa is that it is very good are restoring insulin sensitivity.

If you don’t have insulin sensitivity that means your insulin resistant. Basically that means your cells are no longer good at using insulin to transport glucose out of your blood stream. (Also get into your cells)

where you need that and insulin resistant also plays an essential role in hidradenitis Suppurativa. Because, it has profound effects on inflammation and it also changes the nature of the skin.

I hope you guys find that helpful and reach out any questions, you have on what is HS and causes. I love to help out you guys.

Write down in comments if you have any question.

During the writing wikipedia was great help.

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