Pick the Best Sunscreen for Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

Melasma is a skin disorder that appears in the form of symmetrical, facial brown pigmentation in colour. It is not painful but can put the person in stress and losses its confidence. Also, it can affect arms and back but to a lesser extent than the face. There is another used for melasma is chloasma, meaning green skin; thus, melasma (brown skin) is preferred over chloasma. 

Melasma is a chronic disease that occurs because of the high activity of melanocytes (melanin-producing cells). Melanin is then deposited to the dermis (dermal melanosis). In more than one-third of patients, it was recorded that melasma occurs because of genetic predisposition.

If you are experiencing Melasma, you should care about your skin properly to avoid its worsening condition. Most of the times, it appears on the face; so, should be treated on time with the right solution to get rid of it. People frequently ask questions related to the best sunscreen for Melasma, we have compiled their answers and more tips that help you in improving Melasma quickly with long-term results. Let’s go down and find your search.

What is a Sunscreen & How it Help in Treating Melasma?

As its name suggests, it blocks radiation coming from sun mostly ultraviolet radiations that otherwise harm your skin. It covers your original skin with a protective layer that prevents radiation penetrating to the skin. Ultraviolet (UV-Rays) are known to be the triggering agent of Melasma.

Preventing sun exposure is the best solution to reduce Melasma, but it is not a permanent solution. Even after treatment, Melasma can appear because of greater exposure to sunlight.

What are the Chemical Blockers and Physical Blockers?

Both are the two types of sunscreens:

Chemical Blockers: They contain nanoparticles that efficiently absorb harmful radiations coming from the sun. Resultantly, they emit energy in the form of heat.

Physical Blockers: They can block sun radiations physically by reflecting light to prevent Melasma. Some people also apply a white paint-like material on their nose while on beach-side. That whitish material is a physical blocker.

However, both involve in blocking sun radiation efficiently, but dermatologist prefers to use the best physical sunscreen for Melasma. The reason behind is that the preventing action of physical blocker has more impact than the chemical blockers.

What is Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen?

Broad-spectrum sunscreens efficiently block UVA &UVB radiations for extra skin protection and treating Melasma.

Why Should I Protect My Skin from UVA and UVB?

The two types of ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun are:

UVA: Radiations causing ageing; they penetrate deep in the skin and damage inner -layer cells.

UVB: Rays causing skin burning; these are known explicitly for causing cancer. The best sunscreen for Melasma contains anti-carcinogenic ingredients.

However, both rays can penetrate the skin, resulting in skin damages.

Can Hyperpigmentation be Completely Treated with Sunscreen?

Sunscreens are an excellent option to improve Melasma as it protects the skin from further damage by pollutants and sun rays. Either it’s an old-age factor, skin inflammation, hyperpigmentation, or Melasma; sunscreens are equally beneficial in all scenarios. For getting quick results, you can also apply further treatments along with sunscreens.

Why Should I Consider Sun Protection Factor (SPF)?

Human skin can tolerate the sunlight for a specific period without getting nay worse effects form it. When the limit cross, sunlight starts affecting skin resulting in Melasma and hyperpigmentation. SPF 15 expands this time to enhance protection; it can enhance the tolerance period up to 30 minutes for the skin, which starts burning after 2 minutes. Moreover, it also reduces skin capacity to absorb photons up to 93%.

What are the Other Effective Treatments for Improving Melasma?

It depends on the skin type of the patient that which treatment suits them best in treating Melasma. Because every product comes with unique ingredients and they may react in response to other ingredients. Thus, we recommend that our patients to first consult with their dermatologist before using different creams and lotions.

The Best Sunscreen for Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

It’s not an as easy task as it looks to find the best sunscreen for treating Melasma because of several skin types. For instance, a sunscreen that efficiently cures Melasma on oily skin is unable to show similar results on dry skin. Moreover, some skins types are sensitive enough that sunscreen’s artificial ingredients may be allergic to them. It will be the right option if you consider some primary factors before buying the best sunscreen for Melasma:

Easy to Apply: People who have to stay out for most of their day hours should apply it frequently inactive hours. It will give them maximum protection from direct sun exposure. You should follow proper instructions that brands mention on their products. Apply it on your full skin for protecting every part of your face or skin. It would help if you frequently reapply sunscreens depending on your surroundings. If you’re a swimmer, you should use water-resistant sunscreen to eliminate the chances of gaining Melasma.

Choose Easily Available Brand: Its highly necessary to choose the right brand and the right product. It should be trusted and readily available even through online stores.

Cost-effective: It might be not equally important for everyone but should be considered to maintain it every month. The expensive product doesn’t matter if you leave using it regularly; high chemical products may leave worse scars on your skin. Price tags don’t define the quality of the product; so, focus on getting the best one.

best sunscreen for melasma
best sunscreen for melasma

Top Sunscreen Brands for Melasma Treatment

Neutrogena: This brand is readily available on medical stores and also cost-effective for consumers. You can use its products in lotion, spray, and stick form depending on your choice. Besides, it also provides a handy sunscreen finder that helps to recognize the best sunscreen for a particular skin.

La Roche Posay: Is well-known in the United States because of its high-quality products with great effectivity. Its products come to market in cleansers, lotions, and sunscreens forms. You can also choose it as it’s of the trusted brands.

Australian Gold Botanicals: it’s preferable for people who need a natural treatment for their skin recovery from hyperpigmentation. In addition to skin protection, it also helps to nourish the skin. You can also select wither physical or chemical blocker as it offers both types of sunscreens.

Olay Moisturizer and Sunscreen: It offers daily skin treatment with moisturizer to save your time. However, its products are not much useful for treating Melasma of people who have to spend most of their time in the sun.

Obagi: They offer several products to treat Melasma, hyperpigmentation, and other ageing problems. With over 30 years of experience, Obegi is committed to providing skincare product finder that supports audience in selecting the right product.

What are Different Skin Types and The Best Sunscreen for Melasma?

Several skin types result in a variety of sunscreens. If you have oily skin type, we recommend you to use a sunscreen that never wipes off with oil. In contrast, if you have dry skin, sunscreen should contain wet ingredients that help to stay it on the face.

What are the Effective Ingredients I Should Find in Sunscreen?

Sunscreens come with two ingredients; active and inactive. Both are significant for the proper functioning of a sunscreen to protect the skin. Before buying a sunscreen, check its label for containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (ingredients present in physical blockers). Zinc oxide has a high ability to absorb UV radiations.

Active Ingredients: These are chemicals which perform the actual function of a sunscreen. They block the sun rays by absorbing or reflecting them. Active ingredients might be organic, inorganic, or particular matter.

Inactive Ingredients:  There primary function is not to stop UV-rays exposure but in moisturizing the skin for sharing a healthy look. For this reason, they are either vitamins, botanicals, or another nourishing ingredient.

It would be best if you also use water-resistant sunscreens that could bear heavy sweating and wet skin.

What is Mineral-based Sunscreen? Should I Prefer it Over Chemical Sunscreen?

Mineral-based sunscreens are physical sunscreens with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide. It will help if you prefer it over chemical ones because they contain Oxybenzone. Chemicals lead to skin irritation and acne that could put you in another trouble. In contrast, some physical sunscreen results in chalky appearance while chemicals blend easily without leaving any spot.

best sunscreen for melasma
best sunscreen for melasma

Which Ingredients Should be Avoided for Curing Hyperpigmentation?

It all depends on your skin type. Ingredients used in making sunscreen are also skin-sensitive. We recommend avoiding using Oxybenzone in your sunscreen.

Can Sunscreen Cause Melasma?

There are two common reasons for skin melasma and hyperpigmentation; stressful skin effects and hormonal imbalance. Both factors lead to hyperpigmentation. Sunscreen can be a cause of hyperpigmentation if:

  • Some chemicals in the sunscreen put your skin in stress leading to skin darkening.
  • Sunscreens have chemicals like Oxybenzone that activate hormonal skin darkening agent.

Is it Safe to Use Sunscreen During Pregnancy?

Yeah luckily, dermatologists recommend using the best sunscreen for Melasma to occur or to stop it spreading. But use physical blocker instead of chemical as, during pregnancy, it’s an excellent option to avoid chemicals. Moreover, physical blockers stay on the skin while chemical blockers penetrate the skin.

Is It Good to Use Plant Extracts in Sunscreens?

Plants come with natural ingredients to nourish skin exceptionally. They also contain antioxidants, which helps to get rid of free radicles. Oils of plants support in healing skin from cracks and eliminating cancer-causing free radicles.

Tips for Avoiding Melasma

Let’s discuss some significant and primary factors you should consider for preventing hyperpigmentation and Melasma.

  • Wear full-sleeved clothes and take an umbrella or hat with you when going out.
  • Cover your face with the right sunscreen that suits your skin type.
  • If the condition becomes worse than before, you can go for laser or peel treatment. But these are not as effective as natural remedies for curing Melasma from inside.
  • Be choosy about the makeup and other skincare products as they also impact your skin health.
  • Must see if any product comes with toxic chemicals, avoid using it immediately.
  • Also, search for skin lightening natural products to remove dark spots.

Summarizing the Story

When rightly applied, sunscreens benefit your skin in improving Melasma at a faster rate. It also helps in reducing spot appears on the skin due to inflammation. The only thing to consider is to choose the best sunscreen for Melasma that suits your skin tone. Sunscreens are not the final solution for melasma treatment. It will help if you take a hat and wear full-sleeved clothes while moving out of the home. All skin spots are not Melasma, be careful and take patience; these spots disappear automatically after some time. There are some medically approved sunscreens for treating melasma and cure skin against skin cancer. With the right decision on time, you can eliminate Melasma from your life.

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