How to Cure Melasma from the Inside? The Expert Guide

Melasma is a condition known as chloasma, meaning mask of pregnancy. It’s a common cause of dark patches on women’s faces because of hormonal imbalance. There are unique treatments related to how to cure melasma from the inside; we will discuss them in detail for better understanding. However, some people prefer bleaching or removing the skin’s outer layer as the right way to get rid of melasma. It’s not the right approach; it will help in a shorter period and left you helpless when you use synthetic methods.

So, stop relying on local treatments; let’s look to cure melasma from the inside permanently. Your diet and lifestyle closely respond to melasma and hyperpigmentation. It might be possible that your diet is the primary factor that triggers melasma and preventing it from fading away without treatment. If you want to completely cure this condition, you should hit the cause and eliminate it from the roots.

What is Melasma?

It’s a well-known skin disorder that is predictable by gray-brown irregular patches that appeared on the face. The primary cause of melasma is the face’s exposure to sun radiations as they are dangerous for sensitive skin portions. Melasma has the potential to affect both men and women, but this condition is probably more familiar to females with darker skin color. It’s a result of hormonal imbalance that comes to females due to several factors like:

  • Pregnancy
  • Hormonal Replacement Therapy
  • Birth Control Pills

How to Cure Melasma from the Inside

These patches appear on the nose, upper lip discoloration, cheeks, chin, and forehead, making your skin darker at a particular portion than other parts.

How to Cure Melasma From the Inside?

Two chemicals that are commonly in use to treat melasma are retinol and hydroquinone. Their effect is temporary and goes away when you stop using them. So, they are not involved in eradicating disorder, but they treat it superficially to lighten the dark spots quickly.

Topical Retinol:

It is speeding up the new cell production mechanism in the body; thus, helping to lose the upper layer of skin. Consequently, inner cells that are lighter in color come to the surface and make the patient happy because of their light color tone.

Hydroquinone or a Bleaching Agent:

It is a chemical used in bleach, removes dark skin spots, and gives it a healthy look. It blocks melanin production for the time when you’re using it. Again, it’s not more than a quick look as hydroquinone is also not a permanent solution to treat hyperpigmentation. When the patient stops using the products containing these chemicals, the symptoms start reappearing. It is available in the form of lotion, cream, liquid, or gel, and patients use one of them according to their interests.

Corticosteroids and Tretinoin: 

These chemicals come to market in lotions, gels, or creams and effectively lighten the skin patches.

According to Dr. Gilchrest, hydroquinone may result in the darkening of the skin in some patients.

‘’Higher concentrations of hydroquinone can cause white spots to develop on the skin.’’

Some dermatologists also recommend azelaic acid and kojic acid; both are involved in skin lightening procedures.

1. Reduce Sun Exposure to Treat Melasma

Prefer the best sunscreen for melasma to protect your skin against melasma and apply it every two hours. Go outside with an umbrella, scarf, or a wide hat to cover your face from direct sunlight. Shun the Sun is a famous proverb for the best way to cure melasma from inside out.

Sun has the power to neutralize the effect of every medicine that a dermatologist prefers to improve melasma. Hence, it is the requirement to use sunscreens with unique benefits. All the sunscreens come to market with varying prices and uniqueness. Before buying sunscreen, keep in mind that it should block sun rays, sunlight, and heat.

Physical Sunscreens are physical radiation blockers, composed of zinc and titanium dioxide. Their nature is to make a physical layer on your skin that shields skin from the Sun’s radiations. The sunlight comes with several dangerous radiations of varying wavelengths; though, physical sunscreens prevent all of them, including ultra-violet radiation.

Chemical Sunscreens use chemicals to prevent light exposure like oxybenzone. However, they have no significant impact on reducing or treating melasma condition in patients. They can also result in triggering allergic.

Makeup is another layer of protection from direct exposure to sun rays. You should wear a hat when going outside, even in the winter, to avoid all chances of getting melasma.

2. Antioxidant Treatment to Combat Stress

Antioxidants are the best answer to how to cure melasma from the inside because of their human-friendly nature. Add lycopene, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A in your daily diet to repair damaged skin cells and lighten them internally. Vitamin E and C are highly helpful in recovering the damage to the skin due to sun radiations. You can also prepare a serum containing both vitamins and apply it to your skin. It will improve your skin by giving it a lighter skin tone.

Vitamin E Oil and Castor Oil for Melasma give exceptionally excellent results when combined. Extract oil from one vitamin E capsule and mix it with one teaspoon of castor oil. Apply the mixture on your face and sleep with it. In the morning, wash your face with fresh water and enjoy a better look than tomorrow.

Don’t Use These to Treat melasma from the inside

1. Lemon Juice

The patients use lemon juice without knowing its actual effects on their sensitive face skin, leading to severe skin injuries. Lemon juice is famous for lightening the skin as it’s a bleaching agent. Rubbing the skin with it and then waiting to dry before washing is not the right way to treat melasma. Please don’t use it because lemon’s acidity is strong enough to leave your skin’s long-lasting harmful effects.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Similar to above, apple cider is famous due to its bleaching nature. People use it to remove dark skin patches for a better immune system, health, and fresh skin. There is no scientific study related to these home remedies for melasma; so, try to avoid these treatments as you’re not aware of their adverse effects. Moreover, some patients who used apple cider vinegar for removing moles experienced skin burning and skin irritation that may worsen the situation.

How to Cure Melasma from the Inside Naturally?

This condition is naturally under control in the women after giving birth to a baby or stops taking birth controlling pills. It’s not a health issue but a cosmetic problem. Some melasma treating home remedies help the ladies get rid of the stress and enjoy beautiful skin again. It’s a dominant condition in women as 90% of the females complain about melasma. They feel hesitant in attending parties and gatherings as it lowers their self-confidence. In contrast, only 10% of males get affected by this skin disorder. Here are some natural treatments for melasma you must consider to get rid of it permanently.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Pregnant women can apply topical aloe vera encapsulated in liposome to cure melasma from inside but with mild side effects. It’s a helpful technique to cure sunburns as well as melasma because of its healing properties. I can summarize Aloe Vera’s beneficial factors as:

  • It comes with a natural affinity to treat inflammation and protect the skin from UV exposure.
  • Aloe Vera’s moisturizing power helps to hydrate the skin as some of the melasma types dehydrate it.
  • A dermatologist can also apply it as a standard treatment of melasma.

2. Polypodium Leucotomos

It’s a topical fern found in Central and South America, also known as calaguala and anapsos. It has photoprotective and antioxidant characteristics to fade away the dark patches on the skin. Some brands are involved in selling this fern to benefit the melasma’s diseased persons.

The dermatologists experimented with treating patients with P. leucotomos for 12 weeks. They found a noticeable improvement in melasma appearance and MESI (Melasma Area and Severity Index) score. It’s a preferred treatment over hydroquinone and sunscreens as it comes without any side effects.

3. Turmeric for Hyperpigmentation

Turmeric use is rising day by day from eating purposes to skincare products. It has a scientific background in the significant recovery of skin-cells from damages to various reasons. Curcumin is an essential chemical in turmeric; so, there must be a genuine reason for its rising demand.

Cumin has the power of inhibiting tyrosinase and melanocytes from stopping producing further melanin. Besides, it also has antioxidant & antimutagen properties to cure melasma of the inside. But the study is on-going on its applications to skin, quantity, and any side effects.    

4. A Perfect Cleansing Regimen

Airborne pollutants are the primary cause of acquiring melasma as they attach to the skin and penetrate deep. It results in skin-cell corrosion that’s an irreversible process if not treated on time. Thus, dermatologists recommend washing your face before going to bed with a good-quality soap. It will help remove pollutants from the skin and offer a comfortable sleep because this particulate matter starts corroding your skin and irritates.

5. Tranexamic Acid

It’s an acid derived from lysine (an amino acid) and involves oral therapy to treat melasma with exceptional power.

6. Moisturize Skin

If you’re applying antioxidants to your skin, you must moisturize your skin with the best quality moisturizer. It helps to recover the fat layer to protect it from any damage.

7. Glutathione

Its structure is composed of three amino acids; cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid. Scientists obtain glutathione from mammals and provide their tablets to melasma patients. They take them orally to reduce melanin production by melanocytes. Otherwise, excess of melanin in the body can lead to hyperpigmentation.

What are the Healthy Habits You Must Adopt Right Now?

You can also eliminate the chances of acquiring melasma even if you’re not suffering from it. We have discussed earlier as there is no specific age for melasma to occur and affect your happy life. So, adopt these habits in real-time to suppress the chances of this stressful skin disorder.


  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Avoid alcohol
  3. Add simple vegetables to your food
  4. Don’t eat fried food
  5. Must take physical sunscreen with you when moving out
  6. Cleanse your skin regularly
  7. Control your thoughts through meditation and stay out of stress
  8. Do exercise regularly for ten minutes
  9. Take adequate sleep of at least eight hours
  10. Go to bed when its ten and shut your smart devices to enjoy a comfortable sleep


1. Who Can Get Melasma?

There is no age boundary for melasma to join your company, but it commonly affects women in middle-age. Unfortunately, a study reveals that it becomes more challenging to cure it than its usual curing time if it appears early. It can stay for decades and finally disappears with the application of the right remedies.

Heat and direct sunlight exposure promote melanin production and, ultimately melasma. A person who stays in stress, pressure, sleep imbalance, malnutrition, and dehydration can also acquire melasma significantly.

2. What is the fastest way to cure melasma?

Hydroquinone is the fastest solution to cure melasma, according to expert doctors. You can find it in lotion, cream, or gel form and directly apply it to the affected skin area. But it’s not an effective method as melasma appears again when you stop using hydroquinone.

3. What deficiency causes melasma?

Melasma patients were found to have thyroid abnormalities with Vitamin B12 and other nutritional deficiencies. Iron deficiency can also lead to depigmentation of skin patches that are melasma.

4. Which Body Parts are At Higher Risk of Acquiring Melasma?

When dark-brown or greyish patches appear on your skin, most commonly on the face, is a melasma skin disorder. It can lead to cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, and lip discoloration.

5. Does melasma go away on its own?

Yes, it’s right; melasma goes away if it comes with pregnancy or birth control pills. But in other cases, it can persist for a long time, even life-time.

6. What is the best treatment for melasma?

Hydroquinone is commonly in use for treating melasma for decades. It helps in lightening skin tome when directly applied to the melasma affected area.

7. How can I permanently cure melasma?

You can prefer a procedure like chemical peel, laser treatment, microdermabrasion, or dermabrasion. Use these procedures if medication fails to cure melasma from the inside.

Ending Note

It’s a challenging task to permanently cure melasma because of melanin production in the patient’s body. Specific treatments are becoming the day’s need to treat melasma like microdermabrasion, laser treatment, skin micro-needling, and chemical peels. These processes can’t provide long-lasting solutions, but big brands make you fool and take your money. So, Getridofff advises you to focus on your diet, eat healthy food, and take care of your skin by using the best sunscreens for melasma.

There is a famous prover; Slow and steady wins the race. It applies here as there is no straightforward way to get rid of it in days or weeks. Focus on the right diet and natural treatments; it may take months to completely recover the lighter skin. If it goes once, it doesn’t mean that it never comes back. When you start ignoring protective measures, it will take no time to reappear. So, be consistent and committed for long-lasting maintenance; secure your sensitive skin from sun rays.

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