Hives: Real Causes and Precautions

Hives can be extremely frustrating to both the patient and the doctor, the reason is hives are very difficult to determine what the underlying cause is. The world literature states that ninety percent of the time, nobody really finds the cause of hives. But, we get them to go away and as mysteriously as they start they will stop, at least in most cases. You need to be a good detective in figuring out what is causing your hives.

I am going to write down the common things for causing hives and treatment of hives. The good medicine I analyzed in patients for using is Benadryl for hives. I am recommending you by doing all the research on that.

Here the things which cause hives.

  • Foods

Foods are common cause of hives, if people chronic hives it’s usually that they eat very commonly and that can be,

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Milk
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Soy

Now those above are common foods but it can be any food, strawberries for instance and usually when people are allergic to food they eat the food and little itching in the back of the roof of their mouth and it’s very obvious that food is causing problems.

  • Infection

Any type of chronic infection can cause hives. It can be chronic sinus infection, it can be some cavities that you have in your teeth, it could be chronic bronchitis that could be a chronic sore throat or it could be chronic urinary tract infection gallbladder disease fungal infection on the toast. So, I want you to think about your body, are you having signs that any chronic infection, diarrhea, burning when you urinate, a chronic cough blowing out yellow or green. Headaches.

  • Medications

There are some medications that are implicated in hives, frequently antibiotics are the cause of the beginning of hives. If, you are on an antibiotic, tell your doctor.

  • Fever

 If somebody is allergic to grass and they go out and mow the grass well sometimes that will cause the hives. If somebody is allergic to cats and they are sleeping with the cats that can cause the hives. Frequently, pollen, animal dander, dust, and mold cause problems in the nose.  Now, we like to think of new things that you’re exposed to its possibilities also. It could be a new pit and your plant, new cosmetic line that you’re using, your shaving cream, and anything that you are in contact with its new and that can cause hives. But, what I understood in these years that many people have hives in the countries where the winds are wet and most probably in Europe and North America’s side, where the atmosphere is not definable.

  • Precautions

Doctors tell you to avoid foods and eat medicines, what doctor not tell you is, that be sure you clean yourself properly.

  • Wash your hands carefully
  • Take a deep bath after wet dreams/after your menses
  • Take also a deep bath after having sex
  • Do not use shared razors

When you break out in hives, think of what you doing, think of what you eating, and think what your body is telling you right before those hives broke out. You may be able to find those things and getting rid of your hives.

As I suggest earlier that Benadryl is somehow good medicine for hives and you can do a treatment of hives to use Benadryl for hives.

  • Another Cause of Hives

What I am going to tell you is some kind of weird experiment but I find it true. It was something in Starbucks drink (don’t figure that one out). So, Starbucks came out with these new drinks called refreshers and in one of the refreshers, the Valencia orange, there is this green coffee bean extract or powder or I don’t know what, but the green coffee bean is what is in this drink. This was told me one of my close friends who did this experiment, they said, they are allergic to it, their throat closed up, they breath stopped for a moment, then hives head-to-toe, gasping for air. This doesn’t.t mean that there is the fault in Starbucks drink but it gives horrible reaction to the persons who have some signs of hives or at least, allergic to green beans.

So, stop looking what the cause is, it could be anything. There is something you can do about it, you just keep looking until you find what the cause was and it wasn’t the detergent and it wasn’t the gardener what the doctors have said to some patients. Because the cause of hives from anything which you are allergic to.

So, what I told you is the precautions which I write above and Benadryl for hives if it causes a serious problem. Because you can take Benadryl for hive only if the problem is serious.

I will also write about the home remedies for hives in my next article after my all research.

Write down in the comment section, if you have any confusion.

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