Biblical Belly Breakthrough A shepherd’s Code Diet Plan

Being over-weighed is a nightmare for every sensible person with social interactions. What makes you fat is a busy schedule, stressed eating and lazy schedule. Fortunately, there is a solution for healthy weight loss without sweat-shedding extensive workout. This is called Biblical Belly Breakthrough, also called Shepherd’s code diet. The shepherd means God, according to the Judeo-Christian tradition (e.g. Psalm 23, Ezekiel 34), and to Christians, Shepherd is Jesus.  This divine 7-step diet plan is based on teachings from divine scriptures like the Holy Bible.

Who designed Biblical Belly breakthrough?

Biblical Belly Breakthrough diet plan is designed by renowned nutritionist and true religious believer Kristina Wilds. She also named it as Fat Loss by Faith. She believes that like every other aspect of life, God also guides us on what to eat. Religious eschatology has always focused on weight loss for superior spirituality. Every nutritionist is the world believes that properly weighed body enhances life expectancy, social interaction and peaceful thoughts.

Is Biblical Belly breakthrough really effective?

Well! Before answering this question, we should know what the constituents of our diet must-have? How Shepherd’s code diet provides all the necessary nutrients? The main energy source in our diet are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Carbohydrates are the first line of energy supply, then fats are burned. Proteins are used to build muscles and carry out enormous enzymatic activities. In severe starvation, proteins are broken down to provide energy. So, of a person keeps taking carbs, there is less chance to utilize stored fats, leading to weight gain. Fats are stored in adipose tissues. When over-filled, these tissues get swollen and fat becomes apparent on the body.

Not every nutrient is good for you.

What are good carbs and bad carbs?

There are good carbs and bad carbs. Good carbs are in fact whole carbs including vegetables, whole fruit, legumes, potatoes, and whole grains. These foods provide natural nutrient ration and are generally healthy. On the contrary, processed carbs like beverages, fruit juices, sweets, white bread, white rice and others are bad carbs that disturb the diet balance.

What are good fats and bad fats?

Like the carbs,  good fats and bad fats also exist. Knowing what fat is good for you helps you stay more healthy. Fats are made by fatty acids. The nature of these fatty acids defines the fat as good or bad.

Good Fats

Fats containing unsaturated fatty acids are good fats. They are usually liquid at room temperature. The use of these fats can improve your blood cholesterol and decrease the chances of heart diseases. Low cholesterol triggers High-Density Lipo-proteins (HDL) that are good for health. Major sources of these good fats are nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts, and pecans), vegetable oils (olive oil, peanut oil), peanut and almond butter, and avocados.

 Bad fats

The fats containing saturated or trans fat are bad for help and must be used sparingly. Examples of bad fats are butter, margarine, shortening, and pork fats. These fats are usually solid at room temperatures. They have a higher tendency to get trapped in arteries and cause blood blockage that leads to heart and blood pressure problems. Using too many trans fats cause high cholesterol profile and induced Low-Density Lipo-proteins (LDL) that are a major cause of heart diseases. Fried stuff also has a high amount of bad fats.

Shepherd’s diet code is all about denying the man-made food and preferring God-made food as mentioned above.

What do you eat on the shepherd’s diet?

Shepherd’s code diet consists of low-carb, high-good fats and moderate proteins. With the guidance of divine scriptures, we now have a complete code of good diet. We are going to share the items that make the shepherd’s code food list. Kristina Wilds has selected few items according to your culture and taste. Following this diet plan, you will get all the benefits of the Biblical Belly Breakthrough.

Food to prefer during Biblical Belly Breakthrough course

  1. Almonds (Highly recommended)
  2. Anise (sparse use)
  3. Antelope (Expensive, not recommended)
  4. Apples (Highly recommended)
  5. Barley (Highly recommended)
  6. Beans or Pulses (Highly recommended)
  7. Beef (sparse use)
  8. Bitter Herbs (sparse use)
  9. Bread (Bran or natural only)
  10. Butter (Not recommended)
  11. Caperberry (Highly recommended)
  12. Carob (Highly recommended)
  13. Cheese (Highly recommended)
  14. Chicken (Highly recommended)
  15. Cinnamon (Highly recommended)
  16. Coriander (Highly recommended)
  17. Corn (Highly recommended)
  18. Cucumbers (Highly recommended)
  19. Cumin or Cummin
  20. Curds (Highly recommended)
  21. Dates (Highly recommended)
  22. Dill (Highly recommended)
  23. Dried Fruits (Highly recommended)
  24. Eggs (sparse use)
  25. Figs (Highly recommended)
  26. Fish (Highly recommended)
  27. Flax Seed (Highly recommended)
  28. Flour (sparse use)
  29. Fowl (Expensive, not recommended)
  30. Fruits (Highly recommended)
  31. Garlic (Highly recommended)
  32. Gazelle (Expensive, not recommended)
  33. Goat (sparse use)
  34. Grapes (Highly recommended)
  35. Grape Juice (Highly recommended)
  36. Grasshoppers, Crickets & Locusts
  37. Harts (Not recommended)
  38. Herbs (Highly recommended)
  39. Honey (Highly recommended)
  40. Hyssop
  41. Lamb & sheep (sparse use)
  42. Leaven
  43. Leeks
  44. Lentils
  45. Marjoram
  46. Milk (sparse use)
  47. Mint (Highly recommended)
  48. Olive & Olive oil (Highly recommended)
  49. Onion (Highly recommended)
  50. Peas (Highly recommended)
  51. Pistachio Nuts (Highly recommended)
  52. Pomegranates (Highly recommended)
  53. Quail (Highly recommended)
  54. Rye (Highly recommended)
  55. Saffron (Highly recommended)
  56. Spices (sparse use)
  57. Vinegar (Highly recommended)
  58. Water (Highly recommended)
  59. Watermelon (Highly recommended)

Food to avoid during Biblical Belly Breakthrough course



  1. Sausage
  2. Bacon
  3. Ham
  4. Porkchop
  5. Chorizo
  6. Pork pepperoni
  7. Pastries
  8. Candies
  9. Ketchup
  10. Soft drinks
  11. White bread and pasta
  12. Seafood
  13. Fried meats



Biblical belly breakthrough reviews

Our team at has carried out a survey to determine how many people got some benefit from this diet plan. Unfortunately, none of the opposers provided us any details about their purchase. They just arrived at our blog and put negative comments without any firm proof. Our team then met few people who strictly follow the Biblical Belly breakthrough, and they are so much excited about the results. This breakthrough is different from Keto diet as this code contains all the necessary ingredients needed for a healthy life. The use of good fats helps the body to maintain its weight and silhouette.

Where to Buy Biblical Belly Breakthrough?

Biblical Belly Breakthrough book is available on Clickbank with a money-back guarantee if results are not yielded. But the author has requested the buyer to follow the plan strictly so that God’s word can be proven right and our laziness or choppy desires do not conceal the truth. Get Here!

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